Our buzzing bar is the perfect place to unwind, spend time with friends or get mixing your favourite tipple.

Our buzzing bar is nestled between Bournemouth and Poole

Our bar is chock-full of beers, wines and spirits. Since we opened we have had over 120 different craft beers on tap and we stock over 20 different gins.

As with our food, we pride ourselves on working with local suppliers and you’ll find the best that the South West has to offer behind our bar. If you don’t recognise you usual tipple, chat to our bar staff, they will happily suggest something to try.



Lisboa Coreto Branco, Portugal
Portuguese blend, soft & easy drinking
125ml 3.5 175ml 4.75 250ml 6.75 Bottle 19.5

Pinot Grigio/Garganega, Italy
Apple flavours
125ml 3.75 175ml 5 250ml 7 Bottle 20.5

Azabache, Rioja Blanco, Spain
Unoaked citrus fruit, perfect with our mussels
125ml 4 175ml 5.5 250ml 7.75 Bottle 22

Terre d’Or, Sauvignon Blanc, France
Aromatic French, nettle and citrus aromas
125ml 4.25 175ml 5.75 250ml 8 Bottle 23

Tor del Colle Pecorino, Italy
Trendy new Italian varietal, grapefruit, pear and peach flavours
125ml 4.5 175ml250ml 8.5 Bottle 24

Picpoul Sel et Sable France
Southern France’s partner to seafood, crisp & fresh
125ml 4.75 175ml 6.25 250ml 8.75 Bottle 26

Alpacto Chardonnay, Argentina
Lightly oaked buttery Chardonnay, Pineapple & banana flavours 
125ml 5.75 175ml 7.5 250ml 10 Bottle 29.5

Verdicchio dei Castelli di jesi, Italy
Full bodied Italian classic. Floral notes, with stone fruit & a nutty edge
Bottle 30


San Antonio Rosato Pinot Grigio Italy
Uncomplicated light rosé, light raspberry flavour
125ml 3.75 175ml 5 250ml 7 Bottle 20

Croix D’Or Rosé Pinot Noir France
Pale pink, summer in a glass!
125ml 4.25 175ml 6.25 250ml 8.5 Bottle 25


Boatman’s Drift, Cabernet/Merlot, SA
50/50 blend, cherry & plum flavour, medium body
125ml 3.5 175ml 4.75 250ml 6.75 Bottle 19.5

Castillo de la Pen Syrah Monastrell Spain
Peppery, spiced berry flavour, great with Sunday roast!
125ml 4.5 175ml 5.75 250ml 8 Bottle 22.5

Douro Valley, Vega Tinto, Portugal
Full bodied blend from the Port region, jammy berry flavour
125ml 4.5 175ml 6 250ml 8.5 Bottle 23

Bodgas Taron Tempranillo Rioja Alta, Spain
Young rioja is supple & fruity. Cherry plum & blackberry fruit.
125ml 4.5 175ml 6.25 250ml 8.5 Bottle 24

Sensas Pinot Noir, France
Light bodied & tannin, easy drinking red with a savoury finish
125ml 4.75 175ml 6.5 250ml 8.75 Bottle 25

Avanti Malbec, Argentina
Argentinean staple, full-bodied, dark chocolate. Steak!
125ml 175ml 6.75 250ml 9.5 Bottle 27

La Playa Block 6 Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile 
Light bodied, bags of spicy bramble fruit, smoky edge
125ml 6 175ml 8.25 250ml 11 Bottle 32

Amarone Classico, Monte Faustino, Italy
King of wines!! Intense and unrivalled Italian. Sour cherry with a serious punch!
Bottle 65


La Pieve Prosecco
Classic Italian sparkler, citrus with hint of sweetness
125ml 4.9 Bottle 19.9

Borgo Del Col Alto Prosecco
Glass of bubbles anyone?
125ml 5.25 Bottle 28

Hattingley Valley, Classic Cuvée, Hampshire
One of England’s finest Champagne beaters!
125ml 7.5 Bottle 45

Billecart Salmon Rosé
Bottle 62


Monbazilliac 125ml 5.5

Beer, ale & lager


A refreshing light pale lager. This session lager is made in England

Brewed for the Urban Guild

ESTRELLA 4.8% 5.1
Our most popular lager ‘cerveza’, right out of Barcelona. We love it and so will you. Perfect beer for those sunny days.
Hints of honey and citrus, with a crisp and clean finish.

HOP HOUSE 13 5%  4.95
Named after a hop store from the early 1900’s this is a double-hopped lager made from Irish barley. Fruity, floral and hoppy.

LONDON STOUT 4.3% 4.95
Brewed by Young’s, a smooth easy drinking stout – does the trick. Perfect for those chilly afternoons.

CURIOUS BREW 4.7% 4.95
Our favourite! Brewed in Kent by winemakers Chapel Down, beer is made using Champagne yeast. Won Gold at the World Beer Awards.

Our very own ale in association with cocksure Brewery is citrusy, hoppy and refreshing. Only found in Urban Guild venues!


Mortimers Orchard stands on Marcle ridge and overlooks the ruins of Mortimers Castle. A cider with heritage!

BLACK RAT 4.8% 4.3
An award-winning Somerset cider, we are proud to have this newly listed across the Guild.

Coffee, tea & soft drinks


Americano 2.8
Latte 2.8
Cappuccino 2.8
Espresso  2.2
Macchiato 2.6
Hot chocolate 2.8
Dorset Tea 2
Dorset Tea/Earl Grey/Green/Peppermint/Foraged Fruits/Redbush/Chamomile/Decaf

Soft drinks

Coke (‘Sugar Tax’ included2.3
Diet Coke 2.2
Lemonade 2.2
Fresh Orange Juice 2.9
Hill Farm Cloudy Apple Juice 2.9
Lime and Soda 1.8 
Elderflower and Soda 1.8
Pineapple Juice 2.5
Tomato Juice 2.5
Cranberry Juice 2.5
Homemade Lemonades 2.9
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 1.8
Elderflower Tonic 1.8
Mediterranean Tonic 1.8
Aromatic Tonic 1.8
Fever Tree Tonic 1.8
Low Cal 1.8
Bitter Lemon 1.8
Ginger Ale 1.8

All things gin

Here at Jenkins we have a small obsession with Gin and we’ve sourced many local and different flavoured ones, we’d love you to try.

Conker (Lime)
Dorset’s first gin distillery.
Distilled from British wheat spirit and New Forest spring water, with ten botanicals including elderberry, samphire and handpicked New Forest gorse.

Sipsmith (Lime/Juniper Berry)
The Lovers of all things Gin.
Bringing back the old classic style of making gin to London.

Sipsmith Sloe
Sipsmiths beautiful gin with the added sweetness of sloe berries.

Martin Millers (Cucumber/Strawberry)
Pot distilled using two separate distillations. This imparts a unique balance of citrus and juniper, using Icelandic Spring Water.

Bathtub Gin (Orange)
Made using a traditional method known as cold compounding. Botanicals such as juniper, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, orange peel and clove.

Hendricks (Cucumber)
Who doesn’t know Hendricks gin! Perfect with cucumber.

Monkey 47 (Lime/Sage)
An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany, Monkey 47 contains a unique ingredient. No, not that! Cranberries! The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin, and the fact it’s bottled at a healthy 47%.

Tarquins (Lime/Thyme)
Tarquins use fragrant handpicked Devon violets and fresh orange zest to deliver an aromatic sensation unlike any other.

Opihr (Orange/Ginger)
pronounced: o-peer.
Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is firmly rooted in the ancient Spice Route.

Plymouth (Lime/Lemon)
The original with a rich, fresh aroma of juniper, hints of coriander and an elegant long finish.

Salcombe (Apple)
Citrus and floral aromas and flavours work in harmony with the heady, earthy and resinous pine notes of Macedonian juniper.

Elephant Gin (Apple)
Elephant Dry Gin is distilled in Germany using 14 botanicals that include some rather unusual but fascinating African ingredients like Baobab.

Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger
Perfect for the sweeter tooth gin drinker with a upfront flavour of rhubarb and a worming finish of ginger

Mermaid Gin (Apple/cucumber)
One of our favourite gins distilled on the isle of wight, distilled with elderflower, Boadicea hops coriander seeds and much more

Lilliput Gin (lemon/rosemary)
beautiful Mediterranean style gin distilled in the one and only Dorset. Great flavours of rosemary, thyme and basil.

Whitley Neill (Orange)
A London Dry Gin made with African botanicals. Very spicy and rich. Juniper upfront, with hints of perfume.

Sharish Blue Magic (Apple/Raspberry)
A gin made bright blue by the use of a flower known as Blue Pea.
With health benefits like improved eye sight, stimulated blood circulation and detoxifying the body it makes for a perfect end to the night.

Silverback (Orange)
Small batch distilled in the heart of Hampshire and crafted with the spirit of the gorilla.


Named so after the Fever Trees of the Eastern Congo.

Standard Tonic
A very soft flavour perfect with all Gins.

Naturally Light
As it says in the name a naturally light tonic, still with those soft flavours.

Fever-tree’s beautiful tonic with just a hint of elderflower for those wanting a touch of sweetness.

Ginger ale
Made with three natural and unique ginger oils.

By blending the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark with aromatic botanicals such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger, fever-tree have created a very unique tonic.

A blending the essential oils from the flowers, fruits and herbs from around the Mediterranean shores, making for a delicate and floral tonic.

Sicilian Lemon
Fever-trees name for the classic Bitter Lemon.

Or go a little crazy and try it with just some ice and fruit