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Our buzzing bar is the perfect place to unwind, spend time with friends or get mixing your favourite tipple.

Our buzzing bar is nestled between Bournemouth and Poole

Our bar is chock-full of beers, wines and spirits. Since we opened we have had over 120 different craft beers on tap and we stock over 20 different gins.

As with our food, we pride ourselves on working with local suppliers and you’ll find the best that the South West has to offer behind our bar. If you don’t recognise you usual tipple, chat to our bar staff, they will happily suggest something to try.


Lisboa Coreto Branco, Portugal
Dry, crisp, full of fruit, good body
125ml 3 175ml 4.5 250ml 6 Bottle 18

Nina, Pinot Grigio/Garganega, Italy
Crisp apple & pear, floral, soft
125ml 3.50 175ml 5.15 250ml 6.75 Bottle 20

Azabache, Rioja Blanco, Spain
Citrus & apple, smooth & dry, perfect with those moulles!
125ml 3.75 175ml 5.25 250ml 7.25 Bottle 21

Potager du Sud, Sauvignon Blanc, France
Aromatic, zesty, green apple, grapefruit & citrus, bloomin’ delicious!
125ml 4.25 175ml 5.75 250ml 8 Bottle 23

Roero Arneis, DOCG, Tenuta Neirano
Pronounced ‘rare-o’, we could hardly get our tongues around it either! If you like Gavi, try this, deeelicious!
125ml 5.5 175ml 6.75 250mlBottle 26.5

Zero G, Gruner Veltliner, Austria
Light but intense, the balance is really satisfying, the wine refreshing from start to finish
125ml 6 175ml 7 250ml 9.5 Bottle 27.5

Custoza, Gorgo, Italy
Floral hits fruit in this corker of a wine. Think tropical, sunny days – fingers crossed!
125ml 6 175ml 7.25 250ml 9.75 Bottle 28

De Wetshof Lesca Chardonnay, S.A
Dry, lightly oaked, smooth, sunset in a glass
125ml 6 175ml 7.5 250ml 11 Bottle 33

Albarino, Wairau River, NZ
Elegant, floral, mineral. The perfect way to enjoy a long, lingering evening
125ml 6.25 175ml 8.5 250ml 11.5 Bottle 34.5


San Antonio Rosato Pinot Grigio Italy
Dry, peach, rose, clean, fresh, light body
125ml 3.5 175ml 5.15 250ml 6.75 Bottle 20

Coteaux d`Aix en Provence Rose `Essencial’, France
Aromatic rose petals, summer in a glass
125ml 4.25 175ml 6.25 250ml 8.5 Bottle 25


Monbazilliac 5.5




Boatman’s Drift, Cabernet/Merlot, SA
Named after the Flying Dutchman, black plum & cherry, sweet vanilla
125ml 3 175ml 4.5 250ml 6 Bottle 18

Azabache Rioja, Garnacha, Spain
Vanilla, red fruits, soft, yummy, medium body
125ml 3.75 175ml 5.5 250ml 7.5 Bottle 22

Douro Valley, Vega Tinto, Portugal
Smooth, oaked, plum & cherry. Valley of the famous Port houses!
125ml 4 175ml 5.75 250ml 7.75 Bottle 23

Gorgo, Bardolino, Italy
Handcrafted, high quality. Cherries, blackcurrants & spice. Mmmm…
125ml 4.5 175ml 6.75 250ml 9 Bottle 26.5

Cotes du Rhone, Dom L’Amandine, France
Spice, fruits, smoky, chocolate. A fab example of a South Rhone Wine
125ml 5.5 175ml 7 250ml 9.5 Bottle 28

Alpataco Malbec, Argentina
Classic, steaks, meat, eat, yum
125ml 6 175ml 7.25 250ml 9.75 Bottle 29

Bourgogne Pinot Noir, France
Classic Burgundian Pinot Noir, light bodied with bags of beautiful black fruit, perfectly balanced tannin and smoky finish
125ml 6.75 175ml 9 250ml 12.75 Bottle 38

Amarone, Classico, Fabiano, Italy
King of wines!!Big, intense, earthy, unrivalled, awesome classic Italian.
Sour cherry, plum, cinnamon spice. Need we say more? A treat for all to enjoy
Bottle 65


Borgo Del Col Alto Prosecco   
125ml Bottle 28

Hattingley Valley, Classic Cuvee, Hampshire
125ml 7.5 Bottle 45

Billecart Salmon Brut, France
Bottle 58


Freedom brewery have been brewing since ’95, one of the pioneering breweries in the ‘craft beer’ revolution. This is a Helles pale lager. Easy drinking!

CURIOUS BREW 4.7% 4.95
Our Favourite! Brewed in Kent by wine makers Chapel Down, this beer is made using champagne yeast. First beer they ever made and it won Gold at the World Beer Awards. Not much more to be said!

DEVONIAN 4.1% 4.8
Made by a tiny brewery in Devon. Red Rock can only run 8 barrels at a time, so you won’t find this many places as they can’t make much!

DARK SIDE 4.4% 4.95
Brewed by Bath Ales, this rich and smooth stout does the trick! Perfect for those chilly afternoons.

HOPHOUSE 13 5% 4.95
A crisp and full-flavoured lager with subtle malty notes and fresh hop aromas with hints of Apricot and Peach.


Mortimers Orchard stands on Marcle Ridge and overlooks the ruins of Mortimers Castle. A cider with a lot of heritage! Crisp & dry, a firm favourite.

DEVON RED 4.5% 3.8
Made by Sandford Orchards, packed full of fruit with a cider bite.


Americano 2.5
Latte 2.8
Cappuccino 2.8
Flat White 2.5
Mocha 2.9
Espresso  2 / 2.2
Macchiato 2 / 2.4
Hot chocolate 2.7
Tea 2

Liqueur Coffees 5.3

Soft drinks

Coke 2
Diet Coke 2
Lemonade 2
Orange Juice 2.9
Orange Juice and Lemonade 2.9
Apple Juice 2.9
Cranberry Juice 2.9
Pineapple Juice 2.9
Tomato Juice 2.9
Homemade Lemonades 3.5
Orchard Pigs Very berried/Totally Minted 2.7

Mocktails 4


Craft beer boffin

I am passionate about craft beer and work with our suppliers to get new interesting brews into Jenkins & Sons for you to try before they go mainstream. I have just started brewing my own beer too.

I am passionate about craft beer and work with our suppliers to get new interesting brews into Jenkins & Sons for you to try before they go mainstream. I have just started brewing my own beer too.


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Breakfast daily 9.00am - 11.00am
Lunch 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Evening 6.00pm - 10.00pm

Whether you're popping in for a Sunday lunch with family, a bite to eat with friends or a romantic dinner for two, you can book a table with us.