We like getting to know the people getting busy with a mash tun, the dedicated dudes choosing blends of hops and malts to make the perfect pint, full of flavour.

Craft Beer

In recent years Britain has fallen back in love with real beer. There has been a huge growth in micro breweries varying the roasting of the hops and brewing techniques to add a great complexity and subtlety of flavour.

We want to introduce you to real beers, both ales and lagers, made by real people, not giant international corporate faceless brands. We look forward to going on a great beer journey of discovery with you.

Craft at heart

We take craft beer seriously and are proud to work closely with the people behind the beers to stock small batch draughts and unusual bottled beers, many made just down the road and not found anywhere else.

Couple that with a team of beer-boffins, who take pride in knowing all about our beers you can be sure that our bar team are packed full of hoppy facts about each of the brews. This really helps when you’re looking to try new ales, stouts and bitters that aren’t made by giant multi-national brands.

Our ever-changing cask beers and unique bottle and can ranges are available to take home – because it will break your heart if you find the beer of your dreams and it’s not here the next time you come in (the supermarkets probably won’t stock it).